Our Legal Fees and Costs


Totally Transparent Fees!

It is no secret good lawyers are expensive.  It also is no secret our clients want to know what our services will cost.  That is why we are upfront and transparent in our fees and costs.  Our clients know how  much they will pay and why.

Consultation Fees

We take prospective clients' matters very seriously, and we expect them to as well.  We charge $100 for your initial consultation with an attorney, which you may choose to be in person, via telephone, or online.  Should you hire us, that $100 will be applied to your fee detailed below, thereby effectively making your initial consultation free.  For example, if we become your bankruptcy attorney in Brandon, your Chapter 7 bankruptcy legal fee will be $1,400 after applying the consulation fee.

Flat Fees (a/k/a Value Billing)

Whenever possible we charge our clients flat fees.  For example, if you hire us to assist you in an uncontested divorce, we typically will charge you a one-time fee of $1,500.  We find our clients like flat fees so they know precisely how much legal fees they will pay.

Hourly Fees

In those cases where it is not possible or advisable to charge a flat fee , we charge our hourly rate.  For example, if you hire us to file suit in a complex business dispute that is likely to be protracted, we will charge for our services at our hourly rate.

Retainers and Cost Deposits

In most hourly fee cases we will require you to deposit with us a retainer, against which we will pay our legal fees.  Also, in any case where we expect to incur expenses on your behalf (such as court filing fees or court reporter costs) we will require you to deposit those costs with us.  For example, for most contested divorce cases we require a retainer of $2,500 plus a cost deposit of $500.  As we earn hourly legal fees we will bill you (typically monthly) and require you to replenish the retainer so that you pay some each month we perform work for you, not large sums unexpectedly.  We will NOT require you to replenish your cost deposit unless the deposit is depleted and we expect future costs.  At the end of your case we will refund all unused retainers and cost deposits.

No Surpises on Legal Fees!

We will discuss our fees and costs and answer your questions during the initial consultation.  We will document our fee arrangement in writing so that you will know what we will do for you and what you are expected to pay.  In addition, we will send you invoices that clearly show in detail the legal fees you are paying and costs you incurred.  We always welcome questions about fees and costs so there are no surprises.

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